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On Fire for Liberty

Libertarian - 50th District of

Mike Benoit

Life - Liberty - Property

CA  50th  District

For US Congress


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Friends of Liberty,

Without the support of freedom-loving residents of California's 50th Congressional District like you, this campaign would never be possible. Mike Benoit knows that campaigns are won one vote at a time. The residents of the 50th District will be the primary beneficiaries of a successful campaign; however, all of the citizens of the several states will benefit from a Libertarian elected into the U.S. House of Representatives who is unwilling to sacrifice a principle for a value. Whether you are a resident of the 50th district or a friend of liberty currently residing outside the district, your generous support is truly appreciated!

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Media Blitz

Here you will find a skeleton letter which asks for Mike Benoit to be considered for interviews and other considerations pertaining to his 2014 candidacy for the congressional seat of the 50th district of California. Please feel free to adapt it as you see fit to align it with the particular media outlet you send it to.
This would include:
• News outlets both online and mainline television programing
• Blogs
• Magazine outlets, physical and online
• Person to person communications
• Forums
• Help tickets on patriot websites
• Radio stations and talk shows
• Anywhere you can conceive

Please post and send this letter everywhere you can think of. Make it your own but please leave the links and addresses intact, the shorter and to the point, the better. The text is set up in a way as to offer both hidden and unhidden links. Some website contact forms will strip out the hidden links but will leave the written out addresses so that cut and paste will work to the intended site or video. Download the file type below that suits your operating system and planed usage.

Here is a PDF explaining the logic behind voting for Mike in the Open Primary to achieve a real General election contest instead of the typical Republican vs Democrat. You know, the contest that the Republican always wins. Even if Mike didn't win in the General election he could at least bring Duncan Hunter to task on his misguided big government approach to what he errantly thinks is Constitutional Liberty.

Please download and email it to thoes who may need to know.


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