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John Baptist Kotmair - Michael Rothe - Josh Kotner - Amy del Nagro - "Santee Al" - Regan Ashby - Jeff Kugel - Leigh Skinner - Craig Combs - Stan Williams - Sean Savage - Jim Lundberg - Brian McConnell - Matthew Sullivan - Michael Guin - Michael Metti - Vincent Mross - Bink

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Dear Supporter of Liberty,

I am writing you today to ask you to support a champion of the Constitution and the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. He has been a supporter of the anti tax tyranny movement for decades and has even written his own book on the subject, 'Tyranny Busters, The Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax'. His name is Michael Benoit.

Mike is making his sixth run for Congress in California's 50th District. In all his previous attempts to win the seat he labored for the love of Liberty alone! He has spent the last 20+ years working against all forms of tyranny. This cycle, for the first time he is convinced he will win. He tells me the conditions are ripe for victory.

I am not going to make this a long winded letter and I not going to cover all the things Mike has done since he has joined the Liberty movement as that would take to much space on this letter. But you should know Mike has a weekly radio program on Liberty Works Radio Network 'Tyranny Busters' which airs 7 p.m. Eastern time every Saturday. Mike had a daily show, Monday through Friday, but with everything else on his plate, he could not keep it going. If ten of you could pledge him $10 per week, he can return to that schedule. Think about it.

You can learn about Mike at Check out his You Tube channel michaelbenoit7 as well. I am convinced if you take the time to find out about him you will support him in any way you are able.

Since Mike is a strict Constitutionalist who holds to the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence he will not subject himself voluntarily to the usurpation of his rights. In this case that means he will not collect funds under the Federal Election Commission Regulations. His free speech is not for sale.

If you wish to see Mike serving next to Ron Paul in Congress please send him as much as you can afford to. He will gladly accept your gifts in any amount you wish without restriction. I should let you know at this point Mike will not be taking a salary.

He is a modern day Patrick Henry and a man who is well spoken and versed in the Constitution and in Liberty.

His mailing address is Mike Benoit, 8781 Cuyamaca St. Ste D, Santee Ca. 92071. He will take checks, cash, or money orders, but in his name only. He may use the funds to cover the El Cajon Liberty Library or even his promotion of "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat. In any case rest assured he will use your help for Liberty. This is so, you know that the funds are not earmarked nor are they subject to Campaign Finance Laws.


John Kotmair

P.S. The Government Foreclosed on his home of 22 years recently, for a non existent tax liability. Such things must come to a stop before we all lose everything, and one way to do that is to support Mike's efforts. You can be assured, your money will not be wasted in doing so.

Liberty Works Radio Network 12 Carroll Street Westminster, MD 21157 United States

Site Manager

USMC Chem-Bio, Nuke, Rad.

Defense Equipment program,

Marine Corps & Iraqi War Veteran


"If you have any memory of what it feels like to be free in this country, then you will want to vote for and support Michael Benoit. Michael is the only person running for Congress in Southern California that truly understands the problems that face our country during these dangerous times. A vote for anyone else is a wasted vote. Support liberty. Legalize freedom. Vote for and support Michael Benoit. Call his office and ask how you can help. The only way we are going to save this country is if you GET INVOLVED NOW! Tomorrow is too late. America is on a fast track to bankruptcy. The only way you and I will ever get our country back is if we take it back. Start NOW. Call Michael Benoit's office and see how you can help make a difference."

Michael Rothe


"Mike Benoit is a really great guy, but that's not why I am going to vote for him. I will be voting for Mike this November because I KNOW he will protect my freedom and liberty, and in doing so ALL of our liberties.

Mike's convictions about the role of just government in a society, consistent with the philosophies of Thomas Jefferson, Frederic Bastiat, Ron Paul, and the US Constitution, guarantee that his behavior in Congress would increase our economic and personal liberty, not contribute to the bipartisan status quo which is resulting in reducing our personal and economic liberties in the name of "security," all the while spending trillions of dollars that we don't have, and ultimately providing a false sense of security to us Americans.

Mike's actions in congress would include steps to strengthen the dollar, lower inflation, and significantly decrease the Federal tax burden on all of us. As a nation, we cannot continue to endlessly fund the national/international warfare/welfare state, and we need realistic and principled people like Mike to hold the President and Congress accountable to uphold their oaths to the US Constitution.

Sure, there are a few "great guys" running for congress in the 50th district, but only one of them will truly defend our economic, personal, and social liberties, and his name is Michael Benoit."

Josh Kotner

MS Scientist, Musician,

San Diego Native


"I have known Mike Benoit as a business person and a political activist for about 10 years now. I can vouch for the fact that he's fair-minded, honest, trustworthy, enthusiastic and most of all...the only candidate for Congress in your district who will do what he says and protect your property, your rights and your pocketbook. Vote for Mike Benoit."

Amy del Nagro


Century 21 Horizon


"I am endorsing Mike Benoit for Congress because he happens to be a man of integrity. He thinks that government should not be taking our money and giving it away to their favorite interests. He wants to return your power back to you. He thinks government is the problem not the solution."

Santee Al

Al's Santee Barber Shop


"Michael Benoit is a no-contest winner for my vote! Mike is not only a successful business man in Santee, he is also an inspiration to many. Mike's in-depth knowledge of America's current economic problems and the Gold Standard is unmatched by the other two candidates in the 50th district. Mike understands how the Federal Reserve has ruined this great country by unconstitutionally printing money out of thin air and then lending it to people with interest!! If anyone else was to do this they would be arrested for fraud. We need a Congressman like Mike in Washington to hold these crooks accountable to the rule of the land..the Constitution. As a Business owner Mike understands how money works and the importance of having our currency backed by Silver and Gold like our Founding Fathers intended it to be. Fiat money is an oxymoron. Traditionally, money has been both a storehouse of value and a medium of exchange. Fiat money exists by mimicking both; but when its ability to do so ends, fiat money exposed for what it is, reverts to what it is - government issued coupons with expiration dates printed in invisible ink."

Regan V. Ashby

Precious Metals Analyst

First National Bullion,

LLC San Diego, CA


"Mr. Benoit is easy for me to endorse for one simple reason: he clearly understands the negative economic and social impacts of a large and cumbersome federal government. He is the only candidate with the knowledge, integrity and perseverance required to help reverse the course of increasing centralization of power in Washington DC. His message of limited government and personal responsibility should be heeded by all those who believe in the creativity and compassion of the human spirit."

Jeff Kugel

Project Engineer - Dynalectric


"Michael stands a very good chance of being elected, unlike the Libertarian candidate in my own district. That is why, although not a resident of the 50th, I am working hard canvassing for him. The feedback from the prospective voters is enthusiastically positive. If one doesn't approve of the existing tax and spenders in Congress, let's send another Libertarian minded rep to help Ron Paul. I believe this will happen in other congressional districts around this country."

Leigh Skinner

Accountant, San Diego


"When one conducts a neutral analysis of the candidates from the two major parties one finds that there is no substantive difference between the two. Mike Benoit, a small business owner who has dedicated his life to limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, is the only candidate in the 50th district who is willing to fight for those principles enshrined in the Constitution. I urge you to break out of the false dichotomy of Republican v. Democrat and send Mike Benoit to the House of Representatives."

Craig Combs, Esq.

San Diego


"Mike is a hard working "quality" man that believes in the virtue and the long term excellence of our US Constitution. That fact alone sets him totally apart from other candidates in the same race. In addition, his views reflect the "old" views of the Republican Party: Limited government, spending within the budget-(just like all the rest of Americans except our government), personal freedoms, protecting and closing our borders, and real integrity in the Congress, something very lacking in recent history. The current Republican Party has abandone those principles and are sounding just like the Democrats. Mike believes in getting our troops home from Iraq, and, in addition, getting them home from the hundreds and hundreds of our military bases around the world in over100 countries.

He believes that a Bill before Congress should be just that- address the issue that the Bill was written for; not as another opportunity to "blackmail" the Bill in question by attaching some partisan, pork barrel amendment on to an important Bill just to get the pork barrel spending Bill passed. We need Mike since he will be one of the few Congressmen actually looking out for us. Nice change...

In our personal budgets we have finite limits on how much we can spend without our finances being ruined. The same thing applies to government spending. There are hundreds of examples throughout history where the economies and nations failed- yes-FAILED totally--- because they could not control their spending. Congress has terribly failed in this area and it is time for some sanity.

If you are really happy about how your government is being run and how "good" the economy is working, then vote for the same philosophies and candidates that you always vote for-that of course, will give you the same direction towards destruction that you endure now.

If not, Elect Mike. It is a really good start."

Stan Williams

Former Republican


"Mike stands for liberty and for the constitution. Even though I have seen his name since 2000 before I could even vote he has not given up and he continues to push for our cause, a just government with the people's best interests at heart. I support Mike Benoit and the causes he fights for."

Sean Savage

Civil Engineer


"Mike is the only candidate that matches my outlook in any of the 3 districts in San Diego."

Jim Lundberg Programmer,

JRL Innovations


"I've had the privilege of working with Mike over the last year in coordinating volunteer efforts to support Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Over that time, I found the personal integrity accompanying Mike's political and philosophical perspective to be unflappable."

Brian McConnell


Gospel Nous Ministries


"In order to change this country for the better, we must start not only at the federal level, but the local and state level, and by putting honest men like Michael Benoit, a steadfast supporter and leader of Ron Paul libertarianism, into office. We can breathe easier knowing our country is moving in the right direction."

Matthew Sullivan



"I'm supporting Mike Benoit because he is dedicated to economic and personal freedoms for all Americans and works tirelessly for real change in our system. He is the only candidate in the 50th district that will consistently vote to keep the Federal government out of our pockets and situations like Iraq."

Michael Guin


San Diego


"It is with great pride that I endorse Mike Benoit for the 50th Congressional district. I have known Mike for over 10 years and have witnessed his tireless efforts for the cause of liberty, self responsibility, and limited government. Mike would represent the everyday citizen, those that have lost so much of their liberties at the hands of politicians. Mike would follow the Constitution, he wouldn't facilitate laws and funding for favor-seeking lobbyists, and he would take the time to read the bills that he votes on. We are at a very important fork in the road politically in the 50th district. Do we want more of the same? Do we want a federal government that meddles in the affairs of every country in the world and every citizen here at home? That's what I see from those who run against Mike Benoit. I hope that the independent spirit of the citizens of East County will inspire those in the rest of the country to see the benefits that the Constitution has given to the peoples of our great nation."

Michael Metti

Sales Representative

Metti International Vehicle Shippers

1-866-620-1776 ext 2


"I am a fourth generation San Diegan who has been living in LA for the past six months. If I were still living in San Diego and I was able to vote for Mike I would do so without hesitation. There is no other candidate running who has the knowledge, foresight, and integrity needed to get this country turned around and back on track based on the principles that it was founded on. I believe that Mike would accomplish this by minimizing the government's impact on our lives, drastically reducing our tax burdens, and stressing personal responsibility for our actions with a family and community oriented view toward problem solving, rather than government intervention in every aspect of our lives and invading our privacy in the name of "security."

Vince Mross

Financial Consultant

Financial Fortress Associates


I have known Mike for about 5 years as a friend and business collaborator. The single most impressive thing that I respect and love about Mike on a personel level is his absolute dedication to the ideals that his campaign touts. His words and actions are seldom, if ever, contrary to his outspoken Constitutional ideals. He is a modest man who truly believes in the walk of liberty all the while he strives to walk it. He seems to have no lack of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to freedom and its animated contest. Mike is a moral man and a regular guy, a person who understands how difficult freedom and responsibility can be. But Mike relishes the adventure and is a library of knowledge when it comes to our countries founding. I campaigned with Mike for Ron Paul and on Mikes own 2008 campaign, I have shoveled dirt with Mike and in all cases Mike is true and ernest with his love for our Representative Republic and the quest for Liberty. He certainly has my vote and all the help I am capable of giving.


Designer, Drafter, Web developer

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