"I know of only one way to win a war, and that is to destroy the enemy outright. Of course, we should not be at war with a people who are trying to find work to feed their families. Maybe if we were to stop supporting a corrupt Mexican government with 31 billion dollar bailouts, we would not have so many Mexican citizens attempting to come here for work. The Berlin Wall project is a failure. It is another pouring of money down a rat hole project. It is causing those who seek work to suffer loss of life while enriching the coyotes who smuggle them. The people the Border Patrol catch today make it across tomorrow. The Americans who have property along the border with Mexico have lost all their property rights over this war. I personally find it offensive to have Federal agents peering into my vehicle as I travel a state highway 80 miles from the border. If this war does anything, it keeps the illegal aliens here. It is much more difficult for them to return to the U.S. so they just stay here instead of going home. All we have to do to solve this problem is to allow for more work visas for those who come looking for work. The employers would have more legal workers to choose from so they will stop hiring illegal workers. No free health care, education or welfare."


Border War

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